This amusing couple…

…was my guests at the restaurant the other night. They had dined with us before, and there wasn’t anything particularly special about these guests, but what amused me the most was when it came time to pay the bill. 

The husband paid in cash and I returned with the bulk presenter and his change. While holding a pile of their plates and explaining the survey on the receipt to his wife, the husband tried to hand me the presenter with my tip inside. Immediately the wife reached for it. He yanked it back. 

“How much is in there?” She asked him. 

“It’s fine!” He said and tried to give to to me again. She tried to grab it and again he yanked it back and gave her a look and repeated himself. I looked from one to the other, took the presenter and wished them a good night with a smile. 

I dropped off the plates in dish and headed to check on the table next to them, but as I approached the table, the wife walked up to me, her hand casually stretched out with a folded $10 bill in it. I discreetly took it and thanked her, and then the husband saw what she was doing and tried to grab her. I thanked her and wished them a good night and turned to my other table. 

It was probably the funniest exchange I’ve seen in a restaurant. What made it that more amusing was upon opening the presenter later, the husband had actually tipped me 20%! 

I suppose she must think he is a poor tipper, and kudos to her for staying on top of him. Although the extra $10 was unnecessary, it certainly was a nice surprise and the whole exchange made my night. 


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