Not All Days Are Bad

Some days are even somewhat good. Today, for instance, was a pretty good day. I got a few things done around the new apartment, made decent money at work (for a lunch), and made a pretty bangin’ dinner of tortellini alfredo. 

Yesterday wasn’t so good. It wasn’t so good because I forgot that not everyone has an open mind like I do. I had been neglecting to tell my mom a key detail about a friend of mine, someone who I think is a good person despite his past. People, and my mom, can be judgmental. So I hadn’t told her. 

But she has this way of pestering you for information, and, against my better judgment, I told her his past. Well. You’d think he was a 9/11 hijacker the way she responded. An argument ensued, and I was reminded yet again about how I make poor choices, have poor judgment in men and friends, and, I don’t really remember the rest because I hung up on her. She’s the type of person who believes a leopard can’t change its spots. I’m the type who believes people can change, and have the right to repent and journey on an enlightened path. 

She thinks this friend of mine will lead me down the wrong path. What upset me the most was that instead of her thinking maybe I am his good influence, she thinks he’s my bad influence. Well, that just isn’t the case and it’s unfortunate that she can’t see that. 

So in order to make things better between me and mom, I’ve decided that I won’t be sharing information about my life with her anymore. The less she knows the less she will unnecessarily worry. Unless she decides to read my blog. 

I wonder what kind of day tomorrow will be? 


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